What’s happening at Marble Mountain?
December 15, 2016

The question everyone is asking with all the snow falling… when are you opening?


Our aim is to open on December 26th and with some cooperation from Mother Nature and our snow guns, we are working to have the mountain open for this date. This year is a banner year for us, we have 22 guns on the mountain, positioned and ready to go as soon as the conditions are prime. In general, we look for a temperature of -8C to -6C, with a humidity level of 60% or less. Optimal conditions for snow making are temperatures of -10C to -12C, and as low as possible humidity. We are continuing to monitor the weather conditions and will make as much snow as possible when conditions allow.


The outside operations staff truly are a jack of all trades crew, and they are flat out getting ready for an awesome and safe season. Getting ready means they are clearing the runs of debris, ensuring the entire lift and safety vehicle mechanics are in good working order, and basically ensuring all the ski facilities meet safety standards for winter 2017. So how much snow can a gun make, well of course it depends on humidity, temperature, and wind. This year we have upgraded the electrical, more power = increased capacity, so once we start it is full steam ahead.


How is our mountain prepped for the season? The focus is to get one run open from the top of the Lightening Express to the base.  Next the focus will shift to the tie-in runs, and then to the east side of the mountain. Also, every day we measure the snow depth the old fashioned way and as of December 15, we are averaging 14in of snow.


In lift news, The Black Moriah has an upgraded drive system. Keeping the lifts up and fully operational are top priority for Marble Mountain. The lift inspections have been completed and are ready to lift you up the mountain and get that heart beating.  


For now though it is important to be safe and Marble Mountain management urges you to stay off the mountain until it is open. It could be very dangerous for you or for our operators if there in any interference with the electrical lines of our snow making system.


Safety is our first priority. Let it be yours too.  

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