December 14, 2009

  Your safety is our primary concern. Our Ski Patrol is on the mountain to make sure you have a safe day on the slopes and all members of Marble Mountain&rsquos Ski Patrol are trained and certified by the Canadian Ski Patrol System (CSPS) They&rsquore easy to find &ndash just look for their bright yellow and blue coats and backpacks with the CSPS badge   We want...

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January 18, 2010

  A skier/rider must use a braking or retention system at all times Ski brakes are recommended as the best and safest method of ski retention. Skis with broken or missing ski brakes are not allowed on a hill and must be replaced with a pair with functioning brakes. It is also mandatory that snowboards have a brake or retention device. Runaway skis or snowboards without proper braking systems...

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March 11, 2010

  Ski trails and areas are closed for reasons including snow conditions, grooming or a race that’s taking place. In all cases, a posted “closed” sign means “Do not enter!”   Know the Code. Be safety conscious. It’s your responsibility. ...

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